Microphilia – Definition, Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment


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In this article, I am going to discuss with you a condition called, Microphilia from its causes and symptoms to its treatment.

Microphilia is a combination of 2 words:

Micro = Small and Philia = Fondness


What is Microphilia?

It is a paraphilia (a paraphilia refers to a condition where someone suffers from sexual desires that are not to the norm and can even be extreme or life-threateningly dangerous) which involves someone having sexual arousal from tiny things or small people. (1)

The exact size of the thing or a person differs from person to person, some may get arousal from doll-sized people. But on the other hand, some may prefer even smaller things – from 1 to 5 inches. However, for most, it is the observance of seeing another person being shrunk or in a state of a miniature.

What is Microphile?

  • A person that suffers from Microphilia is called a Microphile.

Sometimes it doesn’t only satisfy a Microphile to see someone in a miniature state (mini form) but also seeing them in a situation of weakness where the Microphile is dominating the miniature person is involved in this condition.

It has been noticed that a Microphile’s desires cannot be physically experienced; they have to observe it through artwork, computer-generated scenarios, or role play where a normal-sized or short human will dress up in extra-large clothes giving the illusion of a miniature person.

What is Macrophilia?

Here I would also like to tell you a little bit about Macrophilia. For a thorough understanding of Microphilia, it is necessary that you also know about Macrophilia.

The opposite of Microphilia is called macrophilia. This is a real paraphilia that people suffer from which deals with sexual attraction and arousal towards giant sized people.

Why do People Suffer from it?

Many types of researches have been performed by the experts but sill it is not sure why people get this paraphilia and the information that is so far available is deceptive and not definitive. There is still a lot lacking in professional research in order to properly understand this condition and its causes.

I have discussed this condition with some experts and according to their opinion, the internet and adult programs are one of the biggest causes. I agree too!

Microphilia Test

Exhibiting feelings of sexual arousal when imagining or viewing (maybe in a video or an image) a person as a miniature version of themselves is a sign that you may be a microphile. Even the desire to be a miniature version of oneself and do sexual acts to someone of normal size is a sign that you are a microphile.

Since it is a form of sexual fantasy; like many fantasies, it doesn’t hold to certain guidelines, you will find others that have elements of S&M (sadomasochism) for example.

Microphilia Treatment

If you are a Microphile and want to seek help from overcoming the condition: it is recommended you get the treatment from a professional psychologist.

There are basically 2 types of therapies, physical and mental. One must take both therapies side by side to get better and quick results.

  • In physical therapy, there are some exercises included which are very beneficial for the treatment.
  • In the mental therapy, some questions about the daily routine and sexual arousal are being asked and you have to answer them which shows the progress of your treatment.

The Bottom Line!

If you are struggling with microphilia and want to treat it then I highly recommend that you consult with the professionals and start the treatment as soon as possible.

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